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Welcome back to our Family Law FAQs series at Clarity Lawyers.

A frequent question we address is, “How long does family court take in Australia?”

Understanding the timeline of family court proceedings is essential for anyone entering this system, as it helps prepare both emotionally and logistically.


How Long Does Family Court Take?

The duration of family court proceedings can vary significantly but generally ranges from a few months for simpler cases to over a year for more complex situations.

The family court system continually strives for efficiency, with new family law rules aimed at creating a more efficient justice system.


What Happens When a Matter Goes to Court?

When a family law matter is taken to court, the court process begins with the necessary court forms being filed and preparing for the first court event.

The family court system is designed to ensure thorough consideration of all aspects of the case, with each court event structured to review and advance the proceedings.


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Why Do Matters End Up in Court?

Not all family disputes can be resolved through family dispute resolution or negotiation. Matters typically end up in family court due to:


What Kinds of Family Law Matters Can Go to Court?

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia handles various cases, focusing primarily on:

  • Parenting or property matters: Disputes over parenting orders and division of assets.
  • Interim orders: Urgent or temporary orders regarding financial support or parenting arrangements while the main issues are still being resolved.


What Factors Impact How Long a Court Case Takes?

Several factors can influence the duration of a court case in family law:

  • Complexity of the case: More intricate issues, such as child abuse, family violence, or detailed financial circumstances, require more time to resolve.
  • Compliance and readiness hearings check that all preparations are complete and parties are ready to proceed.
  • Availability of judicial officers: The scheduling and availability of judges and court staff can affect how quickly the court can hear and resolve a case.

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How We Can Help

Many family law matters can be resolved without the need to go to Court, so if possible, we recommend that you seek legal advice as soon as you’re involved in a family law matter.

If you do need to go to Court, at Clarity Lawyers, we provide robust legal representation and advice to navigate the family court process effectively. We assist clients by:

  • Offering strategic legal advice tailored to expedite your court proceedings.
  • Helping to seek interim orders that provide immediate relief and support during ongoing proceedings.

At Clarity Lawyers, we’re committed to guiding our clients through these challenging times with professional advice and effective representation. If you are navigating the family court system and need support, please reach out to us for expert legal assistance.

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