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Options for family law dispute resolution 

Family dispute resolution (FDR) in family law focuses on helping people resolve their issues concerning arrangements for their children. When parties separate there needs to be an agreement as to how their property should be divided between them along with how many children will be cared for.  Parties may not necessarily be in disagreement over what should happen however the process to finalise the separation is still referred to as ‘dispute resolution’.  It is crucial that any property or financial settlement is formalised to ensure there are no unintended future consequences such as incurring unnecessary stamp duty. 

Dispute resolution differs depending on the level of agreement between the parties and the complexity of their individual circumstances 

There are 5 options for dispute resolution in family law: 
  • Discussion between parties 
  • Negotiation & correspondence  
  • Mediation 
  • Arbitration 
  • Court 

Read more on each of these ways to reach an agreement. 

 Do you need a family dispute resolution practitioner? 

Samanthamiller Claritylawyers Newcastle
Samanthamiller Claritylawyers Newcastle

A dispute resolution practitioner is an independent person who helps people discuss their circumstances and reach an agreement.  A family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP) is accredited under the relevant legislation to assist with family law matters and can issue a certificate where appropriate to indicate to the courts that dispute resolution has been attempted.  Most family law mediators are also FDRPs and it is advisable to ensure that if you are arranging mediation that they are qualified. 

The general procedure is to seek the advice of a solicitor who will advise as to the best method of dispute resolution in your matter and refer you to a suitable dispute resolution practitioner where appropriate.  We will assess your situation and advise on the most cost and time efficient method for you and also the individual FDRP best suited to your particular matter. 

Samanthamiller Claritylawyers Newcastle
Samanthamiller Claritylawyers Newcastle
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